Fisherville FarmHouse

New, custom farmhouse; 5,500 SF; Fisherville, Tennessee

  • Merit Award, AIA Tennessee, 2003

The residence is a new, modern, environmentally friendly farmhouse for a family of four on a 70-acre organic vegetable farm, in Tennessee. The design utilizes energy efficient and sustainable materials and design principles, incorporating as many certified forest products and recycled materials as possible.

The palette and form of the residence represent the traditional regional farm vernacular including cedar siding, metal roofing, and shed forms.

Passive solar design principles are incorporated to obtain maximum winter heat gain and summer cooling. The East/West axis of the plan follows the site contours, minimizing grading and is oriented 15 degrees East of due South in order to maximize solar exposure for early morning heat gain during winter months. The narrow profile of the West elevation minimizes exposure to the summer afternoon sun.

The shed roof slopes up, allowing low angle winter sunlight to enter the house and warm the space. A concrete slab floor acts as a thermal mass to absorb the solar energy and release it back into the house at night, extending the warming period. A deep soffit overhangs the facade, shading the windows from high angled summer sun, which prevents solarization and reduces heat gain in the summer months. Operable windows allow for cross ventilation. Deciduous trees to the North and West of the site provide summer shade and winter wind protection.

The shed roof flips up along the North to allow active solar hot water and photovoltaic panels to face the path of the sun. A geothermal HVAC system is used for mechanical heating and cooling. A wood burning stove provides supplemental heat. Rainwater is also collected, to be re-used for irrigation around the farm.



General Contractor: Savage Construction Company

Interior Design: Jill Hertz Interior Design

Photography: Switch Photo